Electromagnet and Selenoids

Electromagnets and solenoids can be found with different types and under different names in the market such as solenoid, push solenoid, pull solenoid, push-pull solenoid. Solenoid as indispensable components of industry are specially used in various fields. Machine manufacturers as well as individuals who develop their own projects need these components. Coils with different properties and shape can be provided for manufacturers who desire special product production.

It is seen that automation systems are used in various fields. These components are commonly used in turnstile systems, medical laboratory systems, test devices, camera manufacturers, white appliance manufacturers, toy systems, automate and kiosk systems.

What Quality Should Solenoid Have?

There are different types of solenoid. While selecting solenoid, you need to know your system, machine or production. Nominal voltage and current, how long will the component be subjected to load, stroke length must be known by users to manufacture and use solenoid for this purpose. In addition to manufacturing quality of solenoid, electronic circuit in use is also important. When required and sufficient electronic circuits are used, unnecessary circuit heating is prevented and systems is protected against damage.

Things to Know About Solenoid

If voltage and current drawn by solenoid increases, power and push-pull distance increases. To minimise solenoid heating, operation duration should be kept as short as possible. If operation duration of solenoid is short or if push-pull distance is short, high current can be selected. If push-pull distance, power or duration of solenoid increases, size can also increase.